The Bright Dials process – Flexible, practical marketing automation services

With your business objectives as a starting point, Bright Dials offers a flexible array of marketing automation services – consultancy, onboarding, training and marketing support.


Based on your future business goals, current tracking and CRM tools we’ll identify the ideal platform for time-saving efficiency and improved conversion rates.

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach because every business is different. However, do any of these situations sound familiar to your sales and marketing teams?

  • Multiple databases. We can combine them to paint an astonishingly complete picture of customer journeys, behaviour, pain points and unmet needs.
  • Different tools for separate tasks. We’ll amalgamate them. Based on a customer’s position in the sales funnel, tasks are triggered and carried out automatically.
  • Lead scoring. An intelligent lead-scoring tool will send the hottest prospects to your inbox.
  • Reporting. Custom pipeline, conversion, activity, performance and projection reports can be created easily, in a matter of seconds, exported to a PDF and shared with your team.


You won’t need to sacrifice internal resources, and there will be no disruption to daily operations. We’ll cover everything for you – extracting, cleaning and migrating your data, creating an automated pipeline and integrating the tools that you want to keep using.

Training and launch

We’ll provide thorough training, making sure that everyone using the platform is aware of its full potential, knows how to use it and is comfortable with the new system.

If you forget a detail or need additional information, we provide ongoing support on the phone and in person.

Ongoing support

If you have a marketing strategy in place, we can work with your teams to deliver it with maximum returns. Alternatively, we can help you to develop a strategy from scratch.

We’ll check in with you every month to discuss your marketing strategy and how it’s delivering against your objectives. We’re also available on the phone or in person to give recommendations and advice wherever it’s needed.