Marketing Automation

Limitlessly powerful integration

Marketing automation isn’t just a clever piece of technology that saves you time and effort. In truth, the possibilities are limitless.

Don’t know what to consider when choosing a new platform? 

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Unlock the power of automation

Starting with your existing tools and business goals, we help you unlock the full power of automation.

Let’s begin with your customer. Marketing automation allows you to address each and every one of them as a real person, not a randomly generated number.

Over the life of the lead, from first click attribution to close of sale we can help you to:

  • Gain a single view of your customer including interests, engagement and buying intent.
  • Deepen social media relationships. Create automated triggers based on social activity, send related content, notify sales team when leads engage.
  • Automatically update lead scoring based on real-time customer behaviour.
  • Create custom reports in a matter of seconds.
  • Use dynamic segmentation and content intelligence to deliver the right information at exactly the right time to convert to sale.
  • See end-to-end ROI on all your marketing campaigns.

Customer journeys can be erratic and unpredictable, it’s easy to miss the sales signals. Forget logging into multiple tools to keep an eye on the ball. All of your digital touch points can be integrated within one automated platform.

The time-saving benefits will be immediate, the long-term business benefits will be measurable.

Are your lists working hard enough?

If you have static lists, the answer is: probably not.

Bright Dials will bring your static lists to life. Dynamic segmentation allows you to manage individual customer profiles and groups, collecting a plethora of useful information in the process. This is what will happen as a direct result:

  • Re-engagement of inactive subscribers via personal, perfectly timed messaging.
  • An increased conversion rate. Dynamic content will be sent to customers based on their behaviour.
  • Elimination of wasted effort on cold, unresponsive leads.
  • You’ll accurately calculate ROI. Acquisition cost, sales status, product information and profile data will gauge the lifetime value of each customer. Then you can focus your energies accordingly.

Are you wondering if all this will be difficult to implement? It won’t be.

Bright Dials will spend time discovering your automation goals, and then take on the hard work for you – onboarding, training, plus marketing strategy and execution if you need it. Everything is based on your individual business needs.

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