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Tom Glover from STRYYK and a bottle of STRYYK Not Gin

What was the brief?

We initially started a business on trade strategy, so our target audience were pubs, bars and restaurants. But then COVID shut down the hospitality industry, so we looked to pivot to an ecommerce strategy. 

It was very much a DIY approach, with some short, sharp direct marketing and a bit of social media, which generated some good results. Working with a media agency helped drive sales via PPC and social, but it became quite expensive. 

Nurturing our leads and increasing the lifetime value of our customers was our main focus; we started to explore CRM, which is something we’d never had or considered before. We knew what CRM meant but didn’t know where to start or how to integrate that into our ecommerce strategy.

We wanted to understand what user journeys we needed to take and what platform would be right for our needs. It was a mixture of operational and customer journey flows: what the pain points were, where efficiencies could be made, how to save time in other departments and generate leads from that ‘top of the funnel’ awareness point, and use these different flows to start to nurture our customer base and build brand loyalty.

What were your top challenges in relation to CRM and automation?

There was no lead nurturing and we didn’t know what we needed. We didn’t understand the terminology and didn’t know what anything meant within this space.

The most important part of the process was understanding what CRM tool was right for us. Staying with MailChimp was an option, or we could have gone for a tool that was completely wrong for us – something that was purely B2B focused, or that didn’t have the tools and functionality that we needed at this stage as a brand. 

What was the reason for asking for help? Why did you want to do the work now?

We approached Bright Dials because we didn’t know what our business needed. We didn’t understand the terminology and didn’t know where to start. The most important part of the process was understanding which CRM tool was right for us.

How did our work help you overcome these challenges?

Prior to starting our work together, the statement of work from Bright Dials was helpful in mapping out what we’d be doing and helped us visualise the different stages of the process. Reading the terminology guide helped us get to grips with what the different words within this space meant.

The turning point for us was the workshop session. Face to face interaction was very useful in going through, step by step, what we’d been talking about: what our pitfalls were, how we could make the operational journey more efficient, how we could start to build out these user flows on a white board, and how to implement them into a hardcopy that we could use online as a template for the future.

We started to understand how this could work, when user flows are tailored to your company, it starts to make sense.

What was the approach/results?

Bright Dials very diligently recommended what tools would be right for us in a clear, unbiased format. You listed out the pros and cons of each, and didn’t force us into a decision, which is really important for us.

The process of unravelling the priority features helped identify and establish what we needed. The sliding 1-10 scale was clever: seeing the 7 and above priorities really helped illustrate the areas that needed immediate attention. And then when we’re looking to beef up our CRM in the future we can start looking at the 5s and 6s.

Bright Dials provided us with ongoing support, advice and learning throughout the whole process. Having a number of options and demonstrations of the tools available was really useful.

Why did you want to use Bright Dials?

Bright Dials came highly recommended by one of our senior stakeholders and trust was already established. The location being in close proximity to London means we were able to execute face to face meetings easily, which was very useful for us in the initial stages.

The level of care and professionalism demonstrated was exceptional; even from onboarding the process was seamless, which puts us in good stead for starting to work together. From the very start of the process, our experience of Bright Dials’ approach gave us confidence in what was achievable.

Did you have any worries / concerns about the process?

The major worry we had was the fact that we were in such unknown territory. It was an area outside of our knowledge

We were completely unaware of any type of CRM strategy, and Bright Dials guided us through the process step-by-step from the very beginning.

From learning the terminology, and building up our knowledge like building blocks, it meant that by the end of it we had more of a well-rounded idea as to how this could be integrated into our ecommerce strategy. The approach gave us the insight and knowledge to be able to utilise and apply across other sales channels.

Bright Dials’ passion, all the work that was put into directing us to this point, has inspired us to fully immerse ourselves in marketing automation. We can see the potential benefit down the line and know that if we can get this up and running, it will be a very lucrative form of marketing. From a commercial perspective, the skillset Bright Dials has provided us with is invaluable.

How did we put your mind at rest?

Creating these building blocks of learning and bringing us along at a pace which suited us helped put our minds at rest and alleviated any nervousness.

From a personal perspective, I now know about CRM processes courtesy of Bright Dials. This is invaluable for me because it helps to round-off my skill-set within the company structure. Now I’ve become the go-to guy for all things CRM, which is great. The personal benefit also translates across to the company.

What are the benefits of working with Bright Dials?

The different forms and ease of communication between both parties. We had a great business relationship with Bright Dials. Whether face to face, online or over the phone, it was smooth-running and seamless. You could always nudge us in the right direction to get the answers we needed.

Bright Dials provided us with step-by-step help along the way, which other agencies don’t do. You were approachable and had the ability to work across different communication channels.

What do you anticipate will be the most significant improvements as a result of our work together?

Since working with Bright Dials, we’ve been able to generate leads at a significantly reduced cost. For us it’s a new avenue for content. As a result of our work together, we are able to nurture our leads: talk to our customers, get to know them better and personalise communications. 

One of the biggest flaws in our business strategy was that we didn’t know who our customers were or what they wanted. We’re now able to identify them find out what makes them tick. 

From a commercial perspective it will increase lifetime value by nudging people to repurchase. We can now up-sell and cross-sell. It’s a great way to increase revenue with email being a very low cost form of marketing.

The work we’ve done with Bright Dials has helped increase our direct to consumer sales, allowing us to be flexible and reactive in an unstable market as a result of COVID.

What would you say to recommend others to work with us?

Working with Bright Dials has been an absolute pleasure, from introduction through to wrap-up. The care and attention towards us as a brand, and as people, has been nothing short of exceptional. I couldn’t recommend Bright Dials or Lindsey any higher.


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Bright Dials worked through the Discovery process with the team at STRYYK and chose Klaviyo as the right tool to reach their business objectives.