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What did you need from Bright Dials?

We were using Sharpspring for about 18 months, but hadn’t received any training or support and weren’t using its full potential. We were paying the licence fee and really just using it as a data storage system but all in static lists which isn’t the point of the software!

I was extracting data into Excel and then sending it as a bulk spreadsheet to all our Directors and Managers which wasn’t an efficient use of my time and meant the information was out of date by the time of our meeting.

The main challenge was the amount of data we had in there. It was a mess. We really needed to cleanse the data and discover how to use the software functionalities to really benefit our sales pipeline.

Why did you choose Bright Dials?

You have an impressive knowledge of Sharpspring which was a real bonus  – and you go the extra mile to make sure it’s implemented in the best possible way.

It isn’t just about the software either. We knew it was going to be a better all-round service because you go above and beyond the usual provider. You help with onboarding, training, support and you have a great knowledge of the entire marketing spectrum.

Did you have any concerns?

As a company, overheads are always being assessed and the Directors were concerned about cost.  I put their minds at rest easily because of the package you offer – the onboarding element, the data cleansing and the support and training.

When you’re using a CRM system, that’s the hub of the business – it’s where you monitor new clients. You have to make sure that you’re using it properly, and having a person to support us is invaluable. All avenues of support were open – face-to-face, email and phone support.

What was the result of working with us?

We’re now using our data dynamically. Everyone is keeping on top of their own sales pipeline because the entire flow is happening in the here and now. They can see immediately what’s live, what’s current, what they should be doing.

I’m a lot more confident about the upcoming GDPR. Previously it was so messy and unstructured. Now  I know it’s going to be ok because there’s an ongoing plan in place, set up and ready to go.

We are now using the sales pipeline report straight from the platform in our weekly meeting and it has been received very positively.  Seeing which clients had been won and where the opportunities were made it far more more contextual, rather than using spreadsheets. The whole sales pipeline is cleaner, more structured and makes more sense to everyone now.  Crucially we can track which marketing campaign drives those leads through to sale giving me the tools to decide where to spend my budget more effectively too.