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Emilie Lashmar and Lindsey Pickles sitting on sofa

What did you need from Bright Dials?

We had outgrown the process of managing our inbound leads and couldn’t record our marketing efforts. We were using Mailchimp for our email newsletters and I wanted to find a way to deliver the information people wanted rather than blanket messaging based on if you’re a member or not. This is important not just to increase our open rates, but engagement overall.

We needed to improve our lead management. Our older method was developed organically using a patchwork of different tools and less sophisticated. People were going to our website, filling out a form which was updating a Google Sheet using Zapier. It was a very manual process and our team were replying to every single lead coming through which was quite time consuming.

There was human error which we needed to reduce, we couldn’t track accurately where leads were in the pipeline and I didn’t have visibility. We were using Capsule and I couldn’t trust the information that was in there. So it was about finding a solution to have an overview of the whole business and give us data on key decisions that we should make.

Bright Dials created a more automated process so we would be able to solve these issues and give us a solid basis to scale.

How did we solve your challenges?

Bright Dials looked at our systems and all our different criteria and recommended using SharpSpring as one solution. Bright Dials looked at our issues and created a bespoke solution for us. Having a new CRM combined with marketing automation features has replaced a lot of the manual efforts. We are now able to track our opportunities.

Why did you want to use Bright Dials?

The key factor was trust, our data and information is an essential part of our business and because you were a member we already had a relationship. We knew what you could offer and how you could help. It really helped that you understood our business from a customer perspective. One of the things we do like to do here is to promote collaboration with our members by working with them.

Why did you ask for help?

It just felt like the right time. We had The Grounds in Hove opening and we were spending on video campaigns and social campaigns and the fact that this site was on street level to the public as well as Members, it was opening the flood gates. We needed to be prepared.

Did you have any worries or concerns about the process?

Our patchwork had grown organically and we were using a lot of different tools. We were using OfficeRnD, Mailchimp, Google Calendar and manual emails so I was worried something would be dropped. There was a lot of data all over the place and my main concern was having somebody who would understand it all and be able to migrate it. Even though it took a bit more time understanding that data, Bright Dials took care of it.

How did we put your mind at rest?

You took everything we had from all our different tools and migrated it into SharpSpring. I had no idea what to do with all that data, cleansing and making sure all the flows were working. You gave a lot more to the project and a lot of time and effort in helping us understand what you were doing every step of the way. You were very transparent giving us updates or asking for more information and this really helped put my mind at rest. Sometimes when you give a task to a supplier, you don’t have that visibility.

What are the benefits of working with Bright Dials?

You are always contactable, always clear, always concise and I know where you stand. You’re willing to help, and are able to talk clearly to people within our organisation at different levels without sounding condescending.
Bright Dials was always being proactive in finding solutions. Nothing was “Oh no we can’t do that”. It was “Yes I’m sure we can find a way”. If I didn’t know, you would advise on the best route. You could recommend a solution and you knew where I was coming from, so that really helped.
This isn’t a one project and then that’s it. We have an ongoing relationship to grow and improve our processes and marketing – having a recurring retainer is right for this.

What are the most significant improvements from what we’ve done?

The automation had been great, members are able to self-serve by going online. They can gain access to us but they’re not waiting on a human response. We send a link to complete their information and choose their time. There’s less back and forth, which is saving us time.
There is less email in people’s inboxes and I’m able to see myself the status of a lead without asking anyone, every single lead is captured.
I love the Life of the Lead feature, we can see how someone is engaging with Platf9rm. When I’m having a board meeting, I know how many leads we have, where they come from and how much they cost. It will take time for the numbers to work through, but I’m moving towards knowing my cost per acquisition which therefore means more accurate forecasting.

If someone was on the fence about working with us, what would you say?

If you work with Bright Dials you’re in very capable, knowledgeable hands, no task is too big or too small. I know Lindsey will always work to the best of her capability for the needs of the project and would give advice and into any marketing activity. It’s not just setting up a CRM and marketing automation system, that’s only the beginning of what we can do together.