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Dan Collier quoting "You brought clarity and simplicity to a complex problem, which gave us confidence Bright Dials would solve our issues

What was the brief?

There was a real need to sort out our marketing data, as there were a lot of disparate data points being used in tools like Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.  The data wasn’t connected properly, which was hindering us from optimising our marketing. The other factor we needed to consider was GDPR, and making sure our data and processes were compliant in time for the new legislation. Mailchimp just wasn’t able to handle the complexity of the marketing automation or segmentation we needed in order to deliver our digital marketing the way we wanted to. 

What were the challenges?

When Bright Dials started working with us it became apparent that the tracking we were using was not correct. Therefore, a big part of the initial work was to get the tracking working as intended before we started any of the automation work.  

How did we solve your problems?

Working closely with Bright Dials and our tech team, we made sure that our product data was uniform across the business. We then integrated this into both Google Analytics and our marketing automation platform using an open API.  

Why did you want to use Bright Dials?

Following the initial meeting and the feedback you gave us, it was clear that you understood the brief.  You brought clarity and simplicity to a complex problem, which gave us confidence Bright Dials would solve our issues.   

Did you have worries or concerns about the process?

The first part of the process was on-boarding and you made it very clear what was required, and what the capabilities of our tools were. You also supported us with integration and training for the team, so there were no concerns there. The biggest concern was around the potential loss of data during the migration.

How did we put your mind at rest?

You had great attention to detail when it came to putting the right processes in place, and made things very clear and easy to understand.  Plus, you were able to adapt your communication style to match the level of technical expertise of the team member you were speaking to at the time.  Working closely with the technical team, you figured out the best way of backing up the data to prevent any loss during the migration too.

What are the benefits of working with Bright Dials?

Your level of experience and expertise is key.  Not only do you have understanding of marketing as a whole, but you also have knowledge around data and the impact of important legislation like GDPR. Also, Filmstro is a SaaS business and your experience of marketing and running subscription-based services was invaluable. The fact that you have that experience, along with the confidence to make a complex problem simple and easy to understand, was one of the key benefits of working with you. Another main benefit was support. Not only were you there to put processes in place and answer any questions, you were available ongoing to answer any questions or worries we had, and to help us get to grips with the new tool.

What are the most significant improvements as a result of what we’ve done?

Having the correct data and processes in place now enables us to make informed decisions.  Being a tech start up and going for funding means due diligence is important, and we’re now confident that we can rely on the data we have.  As part of this process, we now have a more cohesive approach to connecting our product information to our marketing activity too.

If someone was on the fence about working with us, what would you say?

Just do it! Not only because of your marketing automation knowledge, but your marketing knowledge in general. It means you bring so much more to the table than just helping business sort out their integration and their data. This reason, and your adaptability, should easily push anyone off that fence.