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What did you need from Bright Dials?

We needed to get to the stage that other companies our size are at – which is marketing automation. We’d already toyed with hooking things up using Unbounce, but it was a total nightmare to manage. The support wasn’t there, and that’s not great when you need to get a project done quickly.

Why did you choose Bright Dials?

You integrate onboarding into the process. Having you there to provide a helping hand was really useful. This is a large software package, plus we had lots of data, and we needed to get it right first time. I didn’t want it to go on and on, trying to figure out how it all works, and it was really helpful having you there to support us.

At the end of the onboarding process, we knew exactly what we wanted to achieve with our marketing, and how you could support us going forward. That’s what Bright Dials did for us – we got it right first time.

Did you have any concerns?

The cost was a major factor. We needed to prove the automated marketing concept to the directors, and prove what we could do as a business, but didn’t want to do that with a really expensive tool. I knew what we wanted to achieve, but didn’t know that Sharpspring was out there. It does everything it needs to – and it’s cost-effective.

Data isn’t my forte at all, and the data at Cloudhelix is really chunky. But there was a clear process that you outlined. You understood the data side of things which was a big help, and your knowledge of the tool was a massive thing too.

What was the result of working with us?

We’re definitely in a much better position than we were 6 weeks ago. I wanted to launch a campaign by the end of the year, but I wasn’t expecting to be able to do it as fast as we did. From the initial chat to launch… just 6 weeks. And it’s already generated one lead, which is more than I could have done before.

This is a springboard to propel our marketing and our business forward. We haven’t been in that position before – being able to communicate with clients and track everything in one place. It’s got rid of so many headaches.