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Nora Oleskeg Clore Social Leadership

What did you need from Bright Dials?

Clore Social Leadership was looking for a consultant to help us develop and implement a new CRM system. The main objective was to develop a system which answered our organisational needs and set us up for scale.

What were the challenges?

The main challenge was finding a system which would answer all our needs and be useful moving forward. Most of our existing processes were geared towards only marketing, and we needed something that would help us with programme management and automation.

How did we solve it?

It was solved by an initial discovery phase; digging deep into our processes and spending time identifying all the different moving parts. Becoming familiar with the complexities around those elements, assessing them, and researching the right tool from there.

Why did you want to use Bright Dials?

You had a very hands-on approach, you didn’t waste any time, and you spoke to us without pitching. You focused on what it was we needed to do, which gave me confidence that you were a good person for us to work with.

I knew that a big job for us was not to “find the right person and it would be done” – we needed to rethink our own processes and make all that explicit. Your way of asking questions about it was really guiding, and helped us through our internal processes.

What was the reason for asking for help?

It’s a bit of a jungle out there with so many different tools to choose, but it’s not until you actually start using this software and implementing these processes that you know how they work. And because we don’t have the experience in doing that, bringing someone in that has used a lot of different systems and is more informed in making these recommendations was really good for us.

Obviously, your help and advice on doing it practically, and also for future-proofing, helped us think about “what should we consider now to make it great later?”

Did you have worries or concerns about the process?

One concern was that we internally wouldn’t understand the process and what was going on, and that we’d come out the other side with something that we didn’t quite understand how it worked, or how we got there.

I think what we need to do as a team, even though we’re a very small team, is to build the capabilities within it, and be confident in knowing when we need outside expertise and when we can do it ourselves.

When you have a traditional consultant-client relationship, as the client your only job is to make sure the consultant delivers on that brief, and there’s a lot of things you miss in the process.

By working together the results will be better and we will actually understand the process. So that was a concern of mine, but I tried to address that in the brief to explain the process we want to have. And then obviously time and money is always a concern.

How did we put your mind at rest?

You had an approach that you came with and presented, “this is how we can tackle this, these are the steps that we’ll take.” There’s a massive job in creating this shared picture regarding all our processes, how it works now, how should it work in the future – and we were all a part of creating that.

It’s helpful for us because when you don’t know the full capabilities or certain technology, it’s easy to get the idea that all of a sudden everything’s going to be solved. But some of these things are just process issues or organisational issues that we need to deal with ourselves.

If you don’t have an insight into what technology can or cannot do, you don’t know what’s what and you can have unrealistic expectations. You showing us everything and us being a part of that process really helped create a clear understanding.

What are the benefits of working with Bright Dials?

You’re very communicative, efficient and direct, which is really good and you’re a lovely person to work with.

It’s common to feel stupid for asking “stupid questions” there can be a lot of unsaid things working with a consultant and you get the impression some make their money by keeping up the mystique of what they do – but you’re the opposite of that.

What are the most significant improvements as a result of what we’ve done?

We now have commitment on an organisational level to change the way we work. We’ve gone from people knowing what we should do, to “okay, we’re doing it, this is the future, this is what we need to be thinking about moving forward.”

Nora Oleskog, Digital Transformation Manager, Clore Social Leadership

Clore Social Leadership supports and develops social leaders so they can transform their communities, organisations and the world around them.

Bright Dials created the new CRM for Clore Social Leadership using Ontraport primarily for its custom object capabilities connecting the marketing and operational functions of the organisation together.