Marketing ROI

Are you making an educated guess?

Calculating ROI is the holy grail of marketing, but are your calculations accurate enough? The road to good intentions is often blocked by the frustrating complexity of lag time, disparate data sources and multiple campaigns.

We make ROI accurate and simple – and it doesn’t involve hours of number crunching

By amalgamating your tracking data with behaviour-led marketing automation, ROI calculations become effortless.

This is what happens as a result:

  • You will optimise your marketing efforts and drive down the cost per acquisition.
  • Ad hoc reports and dashboards can be created in minutes.
  • You can calculate the exact cost of each customer, for each campaign, even if sale happens much later via an offline transaction.
  • You’ll demonstrate the impact of marketing spend over the entire relationship with your customer.

Are you wondering if all this will be difficult to implement? It won’t be.

In just one click, you’ll see end-to-end conversion costs and revenue, allowing you to calculate the true ROI of your marketing spend.

The data is already there. Let’s get it working for you.
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