Lead Tracking

A wealth of customer insight, all in one place

Where do your customers come from? OK, you probably have a fair idea.
But which ones are your hottest prospects?
Which campaigns are working for you, and which aren’t?
Most importantly, how do you convert more leads?

Bright Dials arms you with a wealth of customer insight

Intelligent, behavioural-based tracking gathers all your data in one place and then generates actions that speed up the sales cycle.

Here’s what happens:

  • Lead scoring is calculated automatically from real-time customer engagement, interaction and behaviour.
  • Based on your own scoring identifiers, the warmest leads are sent to your inbox daily.
  • Every digital touch point becomes a powerful two-way communication tool.
  • Your teams are free to focus on what they do best – creating new campaigns and new leads.

We give you a quick, easy way to draw multiple data sources together to show the full picture in technicolour. It widens the sales funnel, provides end-to-end ROI and eliminates wastage. And it converts more leads.

Is lead tracking difficult to implement?

You can get going with site tracking almost immediately. There’s no wasted downtime for your current data systems, and you won’t need to dedicate staff resources for set-up.

Bright Dials does everything for you – onboarding, training, support, plus marketing strategy and execution if you need it. Find out more about the process, or call Bright Dials on 01273 569121 and tell us what you need.


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