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Are your leads going missing? Is your data messy and campaigns aren’t working? No time to sort it out? Learn why you need a CRM and the areas to consider.
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The Bright Dials Process

Flexible, practical marketing automation services

With your business objectives as a starting point, Bright Dials offers a flexible array of marketing automation and CRM services – discovery, integration, training and marketing service. Choose some or all of our services, or call Bright Dials on 01273 569121 to discuss your needs.

Based on your future business goals, current tracking and CRM tools we’ll identify the ideal platform for time-saving efficiency and improved conversion rates.


You won’t need to sacrifice internal resources, and there will be no disruption to daily operations. We’ll cover everything for you – extracting, cleaning and migrating your data, creating an automated pipeline and integrating the tools that you want to keep using.

Training & Launch

We’ll provide thorough training, making sure that everyone using the platform is aware of its full potential, knows how to use it and is comfortable with the new system. If you forget a detail or need additional information, we provide ongoing support on the phone and in person.

Ongoing Marketing Support

If you have a marketing strategy in place, we can work with your teams to deliver it with maximum returns. Alternatively, we can help you to develop a strategy from scratch. We’ll check in with you every month to make sure the tools we’ve given you are working and delivering against your objectives. We’re also available on the phone or in person to give recommendations and advice wherever it’s needed.

Headshot David Alcock Samaritans
David Alcock
Project Manager

Samaritans commissioned Bright Dials to select and implement a CRM system. Bright Dials worked with us to identify the requirements, prepared the project plan for implementation. Leading the team through design, data preparation, testing and go-live. It was great to have their CRM expertise on board and the cool head that came with it.

Tom Glover Headshot Brand Manager STRYYK
Tom Glover
Brand Manager

Working with Bright Dials has been an absolute pleasure, from introduction through to wrap-up. The care and attention towards us as a brand, and as people, has been nothing short of exceptional.

Plus Accounting logo
Victoria King
Plus Accounting
Marketing Manager

It isn’t just about the software, we knew your service would be above and beyond the usual provider.

Emilie Lashmar Headshot
Emilie Lashmar
Creative Director

If you work with Bright Dials you’re in very capable, knowledgeable hands, no task is too big or too small.

Headshot of Nora Oleskeg Digital Transformation Manager Clore Social Leadership
Nora Oleskeg
Clore Social Leadership
Digital Transformation Manager

From our very first conversation, Bright Dials not only answered the brief, but asked all the right questions. We now have more of an understanding of our processes and a new system in place.

Headshot of Hannah Hesford
Hannah Hesford
Rickshaw Travel
Communications & PR Manager

Bright Dials has become an extended part of the Rickshaw team and has since been providing ongoing training, guidance and support with our campaign planning, which has really helped empowered us.

Filmstro Logo
Dan Collier
Marketing Manager

You brought clarity and simplicity to a complex problem, which gave us confidence Bright Dials would solve our problems.

Emilie Lashmar Headshot
Emilie Lashmar
Creative Director

We have an ongoing relationship to grow and improve our processes and marketing, having a retainer is right for this.

Alex Carlton holding bottle
Alex Carlton

The level of care and professionalism shown by Bright Dials was exceptional; even from onboarding the process was seamless.

Catherine Crawley
Catherine Crawley
Top Gear Track Experience
Social Media Manager

Bright Dials do everything with efficiency, intelligence and a sense of humour

digital mums
Kathryn Tyler
Digital Mums

Digital Mums invited Lindsey to record some video lectures on how to use Google Analytics for Social Media due to her expertise in this field. We believe teaching analytics to our trainees is a very important skill and Lindsey presented the right information, at the right level to ensure our trainees progress well through our course.

Cloudhelix icon
Jake Story
Marketing Manager

Bright Dials took care of our onboarding process from start to finish and got it right first time. Having ongoing support whenever we need allows me to to maximise our marketing efforts and get the best use of our marketing automation platform.

Filmstro Logo
Chris Young
Chief Technical Officer

Working with Bright Dials has highlighted the huge importance of marketing automation. The time and effort of setting this up properly far outweighs the longer-term time and effort of doing this manually. I only wish we had done it sooner!

Headshot of Hannah Hesford
Hannah Hesford
Rickshaw Travel
Communications & PR Manager

Bright Dials has been a massive help to us at Rickshaw Travel. With a restricted CRM system, we knew the potential of our email marketing efforts, but felt limited with what we could do with our data. Being able to outsource our data clean and CRM restructure has provided significantly more options when targeting our campaigns.

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