To Train, Coach or Outsource?

When do you decide to outsource work or do you spend your own valuable time learning or being coached in new skills yourself?  How do you balance time, money and ongoing value to your business?

The key is to know what you’re good at and what may take you too long to learn yourself.  It does depend if you’re interested in learning the skills yourself to a large degree and also if they can add ongoing value to your business.

The other aspect is, of course, cost because if someone else can do the work cheaper than your value, you should outsource.

When it comes to digital marketing for SMEs it can be difficult to keep up to date with all the various strands of digital marketing; social media marketing, search, email marketing, paid social media campaigns, conversion optimisation, blogging, content marketing, analytics etc etc. We recently worked for an organisation who needed to train someone urgently in digital marketing to make a difference to their business.   The person we trained had a pretty good base level of digital marketing, particularly social, but training multiple strands over a couple of days was a big ask.  With hindsight a better approach would have been for the organisation to outsource the work and asked for it in-house.  That way their staff member could have worked alongside us and learned over a longer period of time.

We believe every business is different and the key is to understand your business is to identify your strengths and weaknesses plus understand what your internal resource availability is like.  That’s why we’ve developed our new marketing packages for SMEs and Start Ups, to identify what you can do and provide extra coaching to push your skills forward, or train you in areas you may have less knowledge.  Finally we can tell you which parts you should outsource, either to Bright Dials or a third party.   And best of all our packages have a fixed monthly price and you can upgrade, reduce or stop whenever suits you.  For more information take a look at our Services page above, but in summary the packages have the following components:

Bright Start – an initial 2 hour meeting to assess all your marketing activity and give us the tools to develop your plan

Bright Plan – Our strategy to drive your digital marketing forward

Bright Insights – a monthly report analysing your marketing channels with 4 actions to implement

Bright Thinking – our time, on demand for any coaching, training or consultancy needs

Bright Marketing – fully outsourced marketing campaigns

Get in touch to discuss your needs, we can help you find a combination between the three approaches to best fit your business.  And don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and twitter too.

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