4 Digital Marketing Issues for SMEs


Being overwhelmed and bewildered by which Digital Marketing channels to use is one of the main issues SMEs face.  With so many aspects of digital marketing to consider; social media marketing, search, email marketing, adwords, paid social media campaigns, conversion optimisation, blogging, PR, content marketing, analytics etc etc. it’s easy to get lost when facing these challenges.

Time Issues

Not only is it hard to be an expert across all parts of digital marketing, (especially when you’re running your own business which may require different skillsets entirely), it’s difficult to devote the time required to do your marketing properly.  We were recently asked if we could provide content and handle all social feeds for a local business recently and they had estimated the time needed was 5 hours a month.  This simply isn’t realistic, particularly for a business with quite a dry subject area.


The final factor is budget, or not knowing what the budget may be, most businesses realise you need to spend money on marketing but like to know exactly what they will spend each month.  I know one business which was extremely lucky with organic search and didn’t spend a penny on marketing for several years but that ship has now sailed and their marketing spend is now £6K a month on pay per click (also known as PPC, adwords or paid search).  But they’re happy to spend this money because it’s a fantastic return on investment and they have great margins.  It’s important to remember, you need to spend money on marketing but you must also realise if you’re trying something new, you do need to keep testing and investing to find the sweet spot.

Data Confusion

The final challenge we find most often with clients is simply not knowing if their marketing is actually working.  There’s very little data out there for SMEs using analytics, but an ecommerce platform provider recently told me 50% of their customers have google analytics set up on their site.  Of those 50%, how many are actually using analytics data regularly, perhaps a third?  And let’s face it, how many people even want this task.  Well we do because we know it’s how to optimise and improve your marketing.

So how can we help?  We understand these challenges and have developed a series of monthly marketing packages which start with a review and planning stage to take the fear and confusion away.  We take into account your budget and resources and shape your marketing plan accordingly.  If you need help along the way with any aspect of your marketing, we’ve included Bright Thinking which you can use for training or consultancy as you need it.  The packages have a set monthly payment and we will keep you on track with regular planning reviews and the monthly Bright Insights report.  See our Package page above to find out more.

And if there’s times when you need to outsource your marketing work entirely, or need longer training sessions or coaching we can do that too.  Just get in touch via the contact page above or follow our LinkedIn Page or twitter feed and #FocusDigital

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