The Year so Far and Plans for 2016

This year has been quite a monumental one for me, the absolute stand out moment was turning 40 and having the epiphany to set up my own business and work for myself.  Becoming freelance and taking on new clients has been great.  Not without it’s lows too but overall it’s a decision I’m very happy that I’ve set up Bright Dials Digital Marketing offering digital marketing strategy and services to SMEs, agencies and startups.  One of the factors which helped me along was graduating from the Google Squared course in July.   Understanding the massive scale of opportunity in the technical revolution we find ourselves flying along is exciting and slightly overwhelming at times.

Bright Dials Digital Marketing

So far I’ve been working with a number of business owners helping with their digital marketing on a part-time and flexible basis and getting into the Brighton space has been fun.  Project Management On Demand has been a great client as the MD Nadine Schofield and I have similar business goals and it’s been fun helping her with her Berlin expansion. Working with Claire Griffin has been hugely insightful to understand the the benefits Mindfulness brings to people in business.  I’ve also been involved with training and coaching clients on their business positioning, strategy and using social media which has been unexpected but very rewarding.  My plans for Bright Dials in 2016 is to increase the client base, move into an office and take on an apprentice.   Not one from the telly, far more likely a Mum who needs flexible working.  An area close to my heart and a missed opportunity on a huge scale in our country and abroad.

Helpful Organisations

I’ve come across some great organisations in the last six-month journey of note are Ada’s list a fabulous network of 1700+ powerful women working in tech and digital.  I’ve worked with graduates of the Digital Mums programme and looking forward to working with more.  The most surprising to me has been the Brighton Chamber of Commerce, a hugely helpful and proactive organisation. Plus they run brilliant events like the Brighton Summit which was a really inspiring day.

London Mobile Games Week Event

The second venture I’ve been working on this year is the London Mobile Games Week event I’ve launched with George Osborn.  Our skillset and experience are well suited to working together and I’m thrilled we’ve tied up our first sponsors for the event on the 18th of January.   We’re planning to take the event to other countries in 2016 with the top contenders being Finland, Germany and Canada so watch this space.

Food Matching Service to reduce social isolation, food waste and poverty

Finally, (and I really must limit my attention to three areas), is my food-matching project I’m hoping to launch in Brighton.  The idea is you cook an extra meal and take it round to your neighbour who may either be isolated for a huge number of reasons or who simply may not have enough to eat.  The project will connect people to their neighbours and is based on food being the social glue that binds us all together and it’s utter madness there is so much food waste alongside food poverty.  I’m really chuffed to bits I’ve managed to connect with two brilliant Brighton organisations.  The Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, who are involved with everything food and community and Impetus a befriending charity, both ideally positioned and enthusiastic – 2016 is the year to make it happen!

Wishing you all a very happy Festive Season, I hope to work with you in some capacity in 2016, do connect with me on twitter and LinkedIn or contact me on to set up a phone call to discuss your requirements further.

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